Wild Atlantic Waves Radio

LIVE WEEK!   Wed 22, Thurs 23, & Fri 24 July from 10.30am


Hello and welcome to ‘Wild Atlantic Waves’ Radio Station

Programmes are created by students participating on the Radio Production course at the GRETB Media Centre Studio in Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland 

gort centre front

Presenting Live Shows and Podcasts each week

Programme choices available include current affairs , news , sports, arts and music.

Keep checking our Schedule to find out the latest shows.

Join Gort’s premier “Online Radio Station” and listen to live local streaming Radio!


To your right you will find links to students individual web pages focused on their own programmes. Click on the Podcasts page to Select-Play-Download the latest Podcasts. You can also subscribe to us via RSS and ITunes.

Please feel free to comment on and rate your favourite shows. ENJOY!! 

To listen live click one of the icons below, some internet browsers will play it automatically , others will download the related file which you can click play in your favorite media player. Enjoy !



Disclaimer – Any views, comments, opinions contained in the radio shows are the students own and do not reflect the views or opinions of the GRETB.